Thursday, April 28, 2011

Customer Testimonial - Jair Galloso, GM at Stadia Grill, The Woodlands

So, we've started getting some testimonials recently and have a strong urge to share them with the world. It's always nice hearing good things from our customers. Here is Jair's:

"Pretty easy to use. I have one girl taking over my scheduling and she's found it easy to jump in, it's very user friendly. My favorite feature of Your Next Seven would definitely be the messages and the ability to send everyone their schedule through email and text. Scheduling wise, I save about an hour writing the schedule. The main time saving is that I'm able to contact and reach everyone instead of calling people and telling them their schedule. With this I put it online and they get it right away, that cuts my time down. I don't find myself getting calls from employees asking scheduling questions."

After that we wanted to ask him one question, "Would you recommend this to other restaurants?", he responded, "Absolutely.".

Great to hear from you Jair. If you have a comment or testimonial you'd like to share about Your Next Seven just hit us up below!

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