Friday, April 27, 2012

Improved Time Selections and Breaks Add-on

Again, with making our software easier to use and just plain beautiful.

We were presented with the challenge of adding a breaks option to the schedule so that when a manager assigns breaks to the employee, it will remove that block of time from their scheduled hours. We said, "Not a problem!" and in the process decided to make everything a bit cleaner and add more features that will help you as the manager schedule easier.

Check out our video below for a detailed walk through of the new breaks add-on and our new and improved way of adding hours to the schedule.

Oh, and just because we love our customers, we made the days-of-the-week header stick to the top of the "Schedule" page when you start scrolling down. That way you don't lose track of what day you're currently on. Here's what you'll see when you scroll down the page:

President / Lead Developer

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