Monday, May 14, 2012

"Open Shifts" for your weekly schedule! Yeah, they're pretty cool.

Life just gets easier and easier over here at Your Next Seven. Since launching in January '11 we've always given our employees and managers the ability to swap, release and pick-up shifts. One thing we've heard a few times from our managers though is the request to give the ability to put in "Open Shifts". These shifts are set up to allow management the ability to plug in some extra shifts and allow their staff the opportunity to pick them up! Well, today we're releasing the "Open Shifts Add-on".

As with our full suite of Add-ons you can head over to "My Account > Add-Ons" to activate this. Once activated you'll notice a new row on your schedule (currently only employee view.) It will look like this:

Just click "Add Shift" and you're good to go with the normal hours dialogue box you're used to when adding shifts. It's that simple. As if that wasn't cool enough, when an employee offers to pick up a shift you as a manager get the same awesome details that you would get when approving normal shift change requests. These details will include if the employee is already scheduled for that day and will let you know how many hours it will put them at if they picked up the shift. Check it out:

In case you're still curious as to how everything works, or you just can't wait to see it in action! This video walk-through is for you.

Just as a final FYI. This Add-on came at the request of our management staff who is actively using our scheduling services and we're here for them. If you have any requests or features you would like to see added in, just shoot me an email.

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