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Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers Review, The Woodands, TX

Hello blogosphere. So, I've had this blog for awhile and it's great for pushing out notices of updates and what not, but there's only so many ways you can improve an already amazing software. That's when I started thinking again (which is dangerous) I visit a lot of restaurants on a weekly basis and tend to try out the different foods at each of them. Sure I'm eating out a lot, but it's all to make sure the restaurants using Your Next Seven are quality right?

After looking at all my restaurant visits, that's when I decided.

I have to start reviewing these places.

Restaurant goers like to read reviews, but so many of them don't include the necessary awesomeness that is needed to really get a feel of where you're going to be eating.

In addition to the food (with pictures of course) I'll be looking at what else makes the restaurant great. The staff, environment, little knick-knacks here and there. All I hope for is that you'll see how great all of these places around The Woodlands and Houston are. Whether they use our software or not, they still have great food and that's what I'm into.

Now, for the first review...
Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers

Holy cow! (I apologize for the cheesy pun, it had to be said.) This place is amazing in all aspects of what a burger joint is supposed to be and then some. It starts when you walk through the door, which is typically held open by one of their many outstanding employees. Then you start the zig-zag through the line. Typically this would be pretty boring, but when you're surrounded by mounds of lemons, avocados and other fresh goodness it reminds you that this place strives for freshness. In fact, they even sport a "Partners" page on their website that emphasizes their commitment to working with local farmers and businesses. While supporting local business is great and all I know the real reason you're reading this is for the food. So here it is...

The Burger
Made from the leanest of cows, softest of buns and tastiest of homemade sauces. This burger is the perfect combination of everything you need, yes, need in a burger. I'm a burger guy myself and would eat one for every meal if my wife would let me (love you girl), and if I could do that I'd be eating a Jerry Built.
Outside of the normal awesomeness you'd expect in a great burger, they have these sauces and toppings that push it over the edge. Their Ernie’s Sauce and Chili compliment the burger well enough, but if you're feeling a bit like doing the tango on your tongue you would have to go with the Jalapeno Cream Cheese. In case you're wondering what that is, it's fresh jalapeno mixed with cream cheese. I also think they throw in a bit of "I have to eat more of this when's the next time I can come back" sauce, but that is yet to be confirmed.
The crinkle fries you see pictured are the perfect side item for this burger from heaven, and if you're looking for something a little different they have the option of sweet potato fries (also crinkled.)

The Drinks
After stuffing your face with all of this cow, jalapeno, potato amazingness you'll probably be ready to quench your thirst. Sure, you could go anywhere else and be satisfied with a coke or even a shake that comes out of some metal box, but why would you want to limit your taste buds? At Jerry Bulit I would typically get a fresh shake from Texas' own Blue Bell Icecream and farm fresh berries.
Not in the mood for the nostalgia of a burger and shake?
Grab a cup and head over to the future of the soft drink industry with Coca-Cola's Freestyle®. Coca-Cola's what!?! This machine of the future makes you the soft drink king. Mix and match a plethora of flavors and try to explode every one of your taste buds. Pro-tip: only fill your cup up half way each time and refill often with different combinations.

Goofing Off
As if the experience wasn't great enough, these guys had to go in and add one of the greatest hand washing machines ever developed. Basically you stick your hands in these two circles, Indiana Jones style, and instead of getting trapped they get cleaned. Water appears and spins like magic and presto! Just watch the demo below and you'll get the point. It brings pure joy to children and adults alike...

Honestly, this thing was just a genius idea considering the entire left side of the restaurant is a chalkboard for the kiddos (and some adultos) to draw on. Chalk dust cleans right off of little hands with this modern marvel.

Speaking of the chalkboard. Need a quick getaway from the little ones and don't want to fork out for a babysitter? Our boys ate, then quickly ran to the nearby chalkboard to practice their Van Gogh skills. Just don't forget to take them when you leave!

Wrapping it Up
All in all, this place is a stroke of pure genius with it's perfect mesh of amazing food, overly-friendly staff and little gadgets to make the entire trip an experience. Whether you're going on a date or bringing the clan, Jerry Built is the new place to be in The Woodlands or check out their original location off of Holcombe Blvd. in Houston. Highly, highly recommended. They've turned me into a life long customer.

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