Thursday, June 21, 2012

Employee Scheduling New Feature for File Storage

Do you ever need to get documents to your employees or other management staff, but need to make sure they've read it somehow? Never fear, Your Next Seven is here. With this release, inside of your messages, you have the option to attach a file or use a previously uploaded file all within our software.

Why Attach Files In Your Next Seven?
Think about the last time you needed to distribute the weekly special or some sort of memo. You send off an email or post a piece of paper with the information you need to distribute, but there's no way to tell if anyone has looked at it and you're limited to text. With this new feature you'll be able to add attachments to your messages allowing you to track who downloaded the file and at what time.

 - For example, let's talk pizza. - 

Yes, pizza. One of our newest clients has the best pizza in The Woodlands where we're headquartered. Every month they feature a new and different pizza. Instead of the manager just telling the employees what the pizza is, what if they broadcast a message from Your Next Seven and included an image of the latest masterpiece. Suddenly you have more than just a description of this month's special. You've got pictures that give your staff the ability to describe with intimate detail what they're selling.

 - Time stamped file signatures. - 

Pizza won't always be on the menu, we know that sometimes you need to get through to an employee with written documentation. If there's a need to issue a write-up or, on a cheerier note, if there's a new hire. Simply attach the form to a message directly to the employee. Because an employee has to sign in to view the document using a username and password only they know, when the employee downloads the attachment the time stamp can act as a digital record for your files.

There are countless ways you can use this in your everyday management needs and I'll go over a few others in the video overview, but I need to talk a minute about the cost of this new feature. We do allow you to host up to 7 files for free, however, we have to break our long standing rule to not charge for new features and here's why:

Hosting files significantly increases the hit on our servers, where-as most other Add-Ons have little to no effect. For that reason, if you need to host more than the free 7 file limit we offer, we do need to charge a bit. You are always free to host your files on another server and link to them in a message.

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