Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Employee Scheduling Quick Shifts Add-on

So, our scheduling software is fast. Imagine if you will a race between Flash and say, a snail. We pride ourselves in the ability to get you up and going on building your first schedule as quickly as possible. Now, to make that even faster, we've added our Quick Shifts Add-on. This will allow you to pre-define set shifts instead of manually selecting start and end times, breaks, and tasks for each employee. Here's how:

Activate the Add-on through your "Add-Ons" page under "My Account". It will look like this:

Once the Add-On is activated, you can either "Configure Add-On" from there or any time through the drop-down menu on the main schedule. When you are adding new shifts to use on your schedule, input at least a name, start and end time. Adding specific breaks or tasks to a shift is optional.

Once you have added your Quick Shifts, navigate to your schedule and click to add or edit any shift like you normally would. When you click the first "start" time option you will notice your shifts to the left of the time selector. Select which shift you would like to use and, vioala, your Quick Shift's information automatically fills into the current shift. You can then either add hours, or edit the shift slightly before you add the hours.

Would you rather watch the movie than read the book? Here you go...

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