Friday, June 15, 2012

Employee Scheduling Update That's Just Pretty

I was chatting with one of our managers the other day and got into a conversation about visiually representing what time of day an employee has requested off.

Now, for some background here, we aleady show managers when their employees need off with a yellow or red background on the schedule. If an employee has a weekly conflict it will show up on the schedule as a yellow background with a note on mouse over telling the manager what time they can't work.

If they have an irregular request that has been approved, like a vacation or something along those lines, it shows as a red background with a note on mouse over like the weekly conflict.

Employee Scheduling Conflicts - The Old Way
Old way of showing scheduling conflicts. 

We figured the mouse over wastes way too much time... so we're proud to introduce a smarter, faster, prettier schedule.

Now if an employee needs an entire day off the whole background for that day will be yellow. If they request am or pm, only half of the background will show as yellow with am covering the top half and pm covering the bottom half. Check it our with the side by side comparison and let us know what you think! Our goal is to make building your staff's schedule more intuitive than ever.

Employee Scheduling Conflicts - The New Way
New way of showing scheduling conflicts.
Here's a quick video overview of the new features, plus on extra little gift.

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