Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MOOYAH Review, The Woodlands, TX

So, it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. Where there's a new burger joint, I am not too far behind looking in search for the perfect cow. These guys are close and I look forward to more combinations in the future. Here it is:

Let's start with the menu:
A simple one it is. You grab on of the cut up pieces of paper and get to circling while you are quickly herded through the line (sorry for that) on your way to ordering. My masterpiece consisted of a Mooyah Burger on a white bun with pepper jack cheese, oh and every free topping I could load on it. For the little ones they have a mini-menu. Prices are great on that and with a side of applesauce, our little cafes even ate somewhat healthy :)

Of course, the milkshake evened things out.


What a fantastic burger it was. A little background here... in my opinion you have two types of burgers:
  1. Type 1: Gourmet.Usually on some sort of heaven-sent bun without a single pickle out of place, these burgers are stupendous. I typically prefer one of these guys with avocado or possible some finely sliced pineapple. If this burger were a human, it would wear a top hat.
  2. Type 2: Goooood.
    One thing I've found holds true in most food experiences is the messier something is, the better it is. For this burger title to work you would have to say it in the voice of Bruce Almighty, "It's goooood.". These burgers have a ton of amazing toppings that, if not careful, will fall all over your shirt with the slightest movement.
Now, this burger. This burger was Goooooooooood. I told you what I had ordered in the second paragraph and I was even being a bit shy with the toppings that night leaving behind the optional bacon, avocado and fried onion strings.

The thing is, when I opened this burger, to my shock, there were 2 patties! "How could this have happened?", I asked myself. Did I order an additional patty without knowing? No. It turns out this wonder of a burger establishment just knows how to make their customers happy. When the employee came around to ask how things were and if we needed a refill I asked how I could have acquired this extra patty. Then the answer came... that's how all of these incredibly goooooooooood  burgers are designed. That's right, at no extra cost they throw another patty on to satisfy one's desire for the red, ground up meet that is the modern day hamburger. These people are saints.

The Extras
Once I had my fill of this -don't put me down or I'll fall apart- burger, I was then able to partake in a perfect take on fries in a cup, both regular and sweet potato. Also, as a throw down to the days of my youth, I had to indulge in the Oreo Shake to top off the evening.

- All in All -

I have to say that this place knows how to properly cook a goooooooooood ol' fashioned burger and make it's customers happy with a double patty, great fries and a variety of shakes to top it off. MOOYAH, my hats off to you and I look forward to our next encounter.

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  1. Sounds delightful! What kind of prices are we talking about?

    1. Prices are decent. If you click on the reciept images you can see a bit. If I remember correctly the combo with fries and a shake was around 12 bucks.