Friday, July 20, 2012

Employee Schedule Updates

In an effort to always listen to our managers and make their time scheduling employees easier, we're proud to announce our latest improvement to our scheduling software.

Many of our customers are familiar with our tasks, allowing you to assign specific jobs and responsibilities to your staff. You have always been able to assign color schemes to your tasks for quick visual reference, but with the font being small some of the colors still got lost... we went on a hunt to find and rescue those beautiful colors you've set up. To the left is a side-by-side comparison of what the new update shows. We've added a small line to the bottom of the shift emphasizing the color of the task. Doesn't seem like much with the few shifts shown in the image, but on a full schedule, it turns into a beautiful result.

- To introduce our new feature, let me "divide" this page. -

In all of my blog postings where I want to convey more than one message, I'll typically separate the paragraphs with a nice little divider of some sort. Well, why not do that with your schedule? Sure, you might have different schedules set up for your FOH, BOH, bar or any separate department, but what about dividing your employees within a particular schedule? This is the problem we set out to solve.

Now, when you click the drop down next to "Employees (hours)" on the "Employee Layout" you have the option to click "Add a Divider". This will automatically add a divider to your schedule allowing you to set a custom name for the divider and move it wherever you feel fit. 

The end result of being able to quickly reference who on your schedule is under a certain division of labor is priceless (or at least worth 27 bucks a month.) Here's what it looks like:

For more information on the scheduler updates or if you just like videos more than text, check out this quick demonstration:

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