Monday, December 10, 2012

Employee Functionality Update

Calculating Salaries

As you know, we're always wanting to help our managers schedule as easy as possible. We've heard a few talk to us about calculating hours with their salaried employees and we decided to do something about it. Starting today you will be able to enter in a weekly payrate for an employee that is not calculated by the hours you input. These payrates will show in the weekly calculations as a flat rate, not effected by hours. Here's how it works...

When you're adding or editing an employee, change the drop-down next to the Pay Rate to "/wk" instead of "/hr". Shew, that was a long hard explanation (kidding.) Here's a screenshot of the new feature:

The great thing about this is in the reporting. When you're creating your schedule the weekly payrate will show regardless of how many hours that employee is working.

So, lets pretend we have Dave Matthews scheduled to play every Friday-Sunday for $1000.00 (you're lucky by the way), all you have to do is set him up as a salaried employee and you'll be set. Here's what the scheduled calculations will look like when he's on it:

Simple as that! Now, go book Dave Matthews and let me know when he's playing :)


In this day and age it's hard to imagine somebody not having an email address, but not everyone is connected all the time. We've seen this problem time and time again with our restaurants and their employees have to do 1 of 2 things... sign up for some random email account that they'll never check or lose the ability to access Your Next Seven's wonderful scheduling features.

As a solution to this problem we've created an alternative "username" field when you register an employee. As a manager scheduling your staff you can now add in an employee by username and assign them a password. The employee will lose the ability to receive email alerts and reset their own password through email, but we felt that was a small price to pay for giving someone access to their account.

Log in to your account to check it out!

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