Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Employee Scheduling 30-Day Trial

In 30 days you could be managing a totally more efficient business.

  • If you are using spreadsheets to do your scheduling: you are wasting way more time and money than you know. We can fix that.
  • If you are using a different employee scheduling program: you’re spending too much money on software that isn’t as easy to use (or as feature-rich) as Your Next Seven. We can fix that.
  • If you are getting season tickets from the sales rep of a competitive employee-scheduling-software company, well...depending on how good the seats are, you may want to stay with them.

Aside from that third scenario, there really aren’t many reasons to not use Your Next Seven for your employee scheduling. The only thing we have working against us is our humble Google ranking, but we’ll take the Pepsi Challenge against anyone you’ll find on page 1 of your search results any day of the week...and we’re confident we’ll win. We do it every day. And that’s what you’ll discover during your free 30-day’ll see exactly why more and more restaurants and retail business are choosing Your Next Seven for their employee-scheduling needs. Here are a few juicy reasons why our clients love us:

User-Friendly Employee Scheduling Interface
User-Friendly Employee Scheduling Interface

  • Extremely user-friendly interface: Easier to learn & use than anything on the market
  • Awesome mobile website: Accessible on any smart phone
  • Outstanding customer service: Talk to an actual, happy, human!
  • Client-requested features: Have a great idea for a new feature? Tell us!
  • No credit card required for trial: Why should anyone need your credit card number for a trial? We aren't shady like that.
  • Cost-Savings: We are less expensive (with more features) than most other software
  • Smooth Implementation: We train you & your staff to get everyone onboard fast!
  • We transfer your info for you: Have a default schedule? Don’t feel like adding all your employees’ names & emails into a new software? Don’t worry...we’ll do all that for you. At no charge.
  • No Contracts: We hate contracts. Our clients stay with us because they love us, not because they’re contractually obligated

Register for our 30-Day Trial and you’ll be scheduling in minutes. You can even provide us with a hand-drawn copy of your current schedule and we’ll add it to Your Next Seven for you. By using Your Next Seven for your restaurant or retail employee scheduling software, you are ensuring that the scheduling-side of your business will run smoothly so you can focus on more important things, like taking care of customers and growing sales.

Click Here to check out our 30-Day Trial

Have questions? Want to ask a human?

Contact John at: 281-401-9321

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Than Employee Scheduling

We're here to make employee scheduling software easy and efficient for you to start scheduling your staff and managing your employees. Why did Your Next Seven get started though? We've been launched for about 3 years and it's time to tell the story...

Many of you know, my name is John. I am the wizard behind the curtain so to speak and make everything run properly day in and day out. If you call for tech support, billing or just to chat, I'm the guy on the other end of the line.

What made me get into the employee scheduling scene? Simply put, helping others.

The sole purpose of making your management life easier is not so we can drive the latest car, have a nice house or take lavish vacations (which trust me, we don't.) I created Your Next Seven as a means to an end to allow myself and my family to travel to the poorest of countries and help those who simply need a meal and hope for a future.

Why Share This Now?

Thanks to all of our incredible clients and the growth we've seen over the years my family and I can finally set out on our first mission and we've set our sites on Panajachel, Guatemala. Pana is a small town of about 10,000 residents and sadly has an epidemic of malnourished, uneducated children. The problem is so severe there that healthy, living mothers will give their children to orphanages just so their kids can have a better life.

- This is where my family and I are stepping in. -

We have long had a desire to keep the family unit together and hearing that children were being given up simply because they couldn't eat is unacceptable to us. In America even the poorest of the poor are having basic needs met through many organizations and government intervention. Since much of that is not available to other countries we will be going down there and teaming up with a few different organizations, as well as walking out on our own, to find families that simply need meals to feed their children and survive another day.

Once these families get out of survival mode they can focus on making money from a trade, putting their kiddos in school and moving forward with their lives. It's a wonderful thing to be a part of and I thank each of our customers from the bottom of my heart for making this possible.

I'll keep you updated on what's happening as our journey continues, but if you have any questions or would like to get involved more please email me at

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Staff "Time-Off" Requests with Finals Around the Corner

Finals are around the corner, which means a big chunk of your high-school and college-aged employees will soon be requesting time off. Around this time each year, many managers get annoyed, frustrated, and stressed by the constant need to revise the employees' schedules. Managers that use Your Next Seven, on the other hand, don't break a sweat.


Keep Calm and Schedule On
Keep Calm and Schedule On

Because it's what we do. Restaurant Managers and Retail Store Managers have a lot more important things to worry about than making sure the right number of employees are present every day. That's where we come in. Your Next Seven's employee scheduling software takes all the stress out of scheduling, so managers can work on the more important aspects of their jobs. So how can Your Next Seven help your company the next time a bunch of employees ask for time-off during finals week? Short-story: in a bunch of ways...but here are our two favorites.

Employee Scheduling During Finals -- AKA: "Don't Schedule Me, Bro"
Employees can easily modify their schedules online so that a manager can see which days each employee needs off for finals. This eliminates one of the most stressful aspects of this scenario: Managers accidentally scheduling an employee for a day or time that they are unavailable. This common problem causes many issues and takes a lot of time to fix. With Your Next Seven, a manager would not be able to schedule an employee for a day or time in which they've marked themselves as unavailable. 

Swapping Shifts During Finals
Some students choose to procrastinate their school work until the end of the semester, thus requiring them to do a LOT of studying in a short amount of time in an effort to salvage what they can of their grade. These are probably the same students that forget to tell their manager that they need a day off until the day before they are scheduled to work. So what does a manager do in this situation? Historically, the process goes something like this:

  1. Procrastinator tells manager he can't come in to work tomorrow
  2. Manager checks current schedule (or calls and asks someone to read it to her if she isn't at work)
  3. Manager calls other employees to see who can fill in for Procrastinator
  4. Manager finally finds someone to fill in for Procrastinator
  5. Manager realizes the Replacement Employee will exceed 40 hours, if given this shift
  6. Manager decides to cancel with Replacement Employee and find new employee to fill-in for Procrastinator
  7. Repeat steps 4-5 until Manager finds someone who won't go into "overtime"
  8. Manager gets on the computer to edit the schedule
  9. Manager prints out the schedule and tapes it somewhere everyone should see it

With Your Next Seven, this process is dramatically simplified and becomes infinitely less stressful.

  1. Procrastinator "releases shift" on his smart phone
  2. Eligible employees receive notification that Procrastinator's shift is available
  3. Replacement employee presses one button on smartphone to accept shift
  4. Manager receives notification and sees Replacement employee won't fall into Overtime
  5. Manager presses one button to "approve" the change
  6. Employees automatically receive text messages and emails with the new schedule

Although numerically it appears both processes have a similar number of steps, if you read through them you can easily identify which process takes less time and is less stressful. The first process could take hours, whereas the second process, (using Your Next Seven employee scheduling software,) can take as little as a few minutes. Using Your Next Seven there is a greater probability that the schedule is done right, the employees are aware of the changes to the schedule, and the manager doesn't waste time tracking down employees.

Especially during finals season, it's important retail and restaurant managers have a handle on their employee scheduling. Try out our free 30-Day Trial, (which doesn't even require a credit card) and we are positive you're going to love what you see...and you'll never be stressed about scheduling your employees during finals season again!

Have a question? Our amazing customer-support team is ready to help you out in every way possible, even during your trial period.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free Employee Scheduling, Without Registering

Now, you don't even have to sign up for the 30-day trial to enjoy free employee scheduling.

You can check out our new scheduling if you go to and scroll down just a little bit. You'll enjoy schedule now without registering. You can input your employees names, their email addresses, and simply go through and add in different shift times.

Free Employee Scheduling
Free Employee Scheduling Software

It's as easy as copying and pasting text. It's all very easy to use, just like an Excel document. If you want to add an additional employee, feel free to. And all you have to do when you're done is click email schedule to employees. Now when you click that, it's actually going to send out an email to all of your employees letting them know when they work. It will ask you to go ahead and sign up for our trial when you're here. If you like what you see, please feel free to do that.

Whether you start using our scheduling software or continue to schedule free straight from the home page, we're happy to help make the world a little bit easier to work with.

So please use it. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help setting up your account. My email address is, or feel free to call me the old-fashioned way at 281-401-9321.

Thank you,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hospital Employee Scheduling Software

Although Your Next Seven's employee scheduling software first originated as a tool for the restaurant industry, its features accommodate a multitude of other industries. As an example, Your Next Seven is increasingly being used to schedule nurses and doctors at much so that a few of our clients only know us for our "Hospital Scheduling Software." It makes sense that employee schedules would be extremely important within the medical profession since patients depend on their doctors and nurses and any unscheduled absence could put a patient’s health at risk. Hospitals must be able to coordinate schedules throughout the year to ensure there are always enough doctors and nurses available to help patients. Three areas that cause the most concern for scheduling hospital staff are: vacations, illnesses, and seasonal increases in patient population.

Hospital Scheduling Software: Scheduling for Vacations
Everyone needs a good vacation to unwind from the rigors of daily work, and doctors are no exception. In fact, the high-stress nature of their jobs often necessitate multiple vacations per year. Your Next Seven employee scheduling software allows hospitals to identify which doctors are going to be on vacation quickly and easily. The unavailable doctors have their shifts blocked out in red and the staff is unable to schedule a shift for them during the scheduled vacation. This feature makes sure that doctors are not accidentally scheduled to work while they are out of town on vacation, thus causing serious problems at the hospital and ultimately, hurting patient care.

Staff Vacation Time Off
Staff Vacation Time Off

Hospital Scheduling Software: Scheduling for Illnesses
Just like everyone else, doctors and nurses get sick. But what happens to their patients if they can’t make it to work? If a hospital has trouble locating a doctor or nurse to take their place, patient care can suffer. By using Your Next Seven, hospitals are able to worry about taking care of patients instead of worrying about gaps in the schedule. Your Next Seven makes it exceptionally easy for doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff to swap their shifts and locate available staff members on the fly. Medical professionals can visit to access their schedules and make changes from any smartphone. This makes it extremely easy for hospitals to create and manage schedules that are always up to date and accurate.

Mobile Scheduling Software - Shift Edits
Mobile Scheduling Software - Shift Edits

Hospital Scheduling Software: Scheduling for Seasonal Increases in Patient Population
Flu season, allergy season, football season, the first week of summer. Holidays that involve altogether too much alcohol consumption. What do these things have in common? They all lead to increased hospital attendance. Your Next Seven offers multiple “views” for hospitals to see (and print or edit) their schedules from. The “bar graph” view is useful in situations like the ones described above, since it provides a visual illustration of how much staff is scheduled for a particular time of day. If a hospital knows they typically have an increase in emergency-room patients during a particular week of the year, they can look at the schedule in “bar graph view” and make sure they have enough doctors and nurses overlapping on the schedule to cover the increase in demand.

Employee Scheduling with Bar Graphs
Employee Scheduling with Bar Graphs

Although Your Next Seven offers many more “employee-scheduling” features for hospitals and medical professionals, these are a few of the ones we’ve received the most feedback on. Regardless of the size of your hospital or doctor’s office, we are confident you won’t find a better scheduling solution than Your Next Seven. We want to prove it to you by providing you with a free 30 day credit card required. Our exceptional customer-service staff is happy to help you out in any way possible, even during your trial period!

So what are you waiting for...register with Your Next Seven today. Let us worry about the scheduling so you can focus on the more important things…liken taking care of your patients :-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Started with Employee Scheduling Software

With dozens of employee scheduling software available across the web, you might be asking yourself, "How do I get started with online scheduling?". There are a lot of factors that you want may be looking at, but when it comes down to it, you want fast setup, easy learning curves and great service.

With Your Next Seven we aim to deliver all three and more. Here's how we get you started scheduling your staff:

Quick Employee Scheduling Setup

Whether you're a restaurant owner, retail manager or scheduling manager for a hospital solution, we know you're busy. Getting started with a new scheduling software shouldn't take hours out of your schedule. That's why with our on-boarding process, we take care of the setup for you. Simply email your latest schedule and staff sheet to and we'll get your first schedule input into our scheduling solution employee section.

Easy to Use Scheduling Software

So, we've input your schedule for you. Our next focus is 100% easy learning. Ever aspect of our software is designed with inactivity in mind. To add a shift, simply click and empty cell. Used to Excel spreadsheets? Fill in a complete schedule using nothing but text! Every schedule view duplicates hours input to the other schedules for a seamless flow in the scheduling process.

Amazing Customer Service

Hi. I'm John, Founder and Lead Developer of Your Next Seven and this is my baby. Even though we live in an age of digital help tickets and huge startup software with an enormous staff, we know none of that is necessary. If you need help you can email direct to the source at or even shoot me a text or call at 281.401.9321.

Just because technology is growing fast and everything is automated and online, that doesn't mean customer service has to as well. We like talking to our customers and love (yes, love) helping in every way we can.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Updating Schedules and Swapping Shifts from Your Underwear

Sure, the image above is intended to be funny; but the fact is, being able to swap-shifts and update your employee schedule from anywhere is an extremely important feature. The idea of making these changes from a restroom actually came from one of our clients (who shall obviously remain nameless.)

Two employees had called in sick for the next day and she (the newly-hired manager,) had forgotten to find two replacements. She had already driven home and kicked off her shoes after a loong day of work before she even realized her mistake. While she was, uh...well, using the restroom, she decided to check her phone to see if she could call any employees to see who could cover the next day's shifts.

But she didn't have any of the employees' phone numbers in her phone--heck, she couldn't remember any of the employees' names! A room for "resting" was suddenly a room filled with stress and anxiety.

She was getting frantic...when suddenly she remembered a website the hiring manager had showed her during her first day with the company, just two days earlier: Your Next Seven. It was a long shot, but maybe she could find the employee phone numbers on the website.

While she was still sitting on the pot, she logged into YourNextSeven and was immediately blown away. She found all the contact information she wanted...but she no longer needed it. Within 30 seconds she was able to remove the shifts from the two "sick" employees and add them for two employees who actually needed the hours. Not only that, but she was able to see which employees would exceed 40 hours by taking the shifts! And she did it the employee scheduling updates from her phone.

She washed up and walked out, the anxiety leaving her almost as quickly as it had come. But she still felt uneasy..."I should still call those two employees to make sure they know I gave them each a shift tomorrow," she thought to herself.

But before she could open up her mobile browser (to find the numbers,) two alerts popped-up on her phone.

Both employees had already acknowledged their new shifts for the next day, thus eliminating the need for her to call.

A process that took her a few minutes--in total--from her mobile phone would have taken her a lot longer (and caused her a lot more stress) if she had to update the employee schedule the traditional way.  She had never used Your Next Seven for employee scheduling before, but she didn't waste any time e-mailing us to let us know how much she loved the software.

These are the kinds of stories that make our day and keep us motivated to provide our clients with the greatest software out there. Software that can truly alleviate the burden of employee scheduling. Because after all...our clients have more important things to worry about.

Editor's Note: It is really fun making graphics for these kinds of articles. If you have any awesome employee-scheduling stories (or nightmares) please share them with us at:

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cloud Based Employee Scheduling

Your Next Seven is a cloud based scheduling software helping it's customers embrace new technology solutions to solve the problem of long hours spent hand writing employee schedules.

Time and time again, we hear of companies using a lot of valuable employee resources to hand write schedules for their employees. Why is this? Your Next Seven is here to help... we have lifted into the cloud.

As an easy to use cloud based solution to employee scheduling, we help manage employee schedules through our online platform. Our customers reduce labor costs, first by decreasing the time management spends putting schedules together and then by reducing time spent dealing with phone calls about employee schedules.

With our easy to use online employee scheduling software, employees can easily request time off, request for a shift pick up by another employee and block of unavailability of employees. With manager approvals, employees can pick up shifts that are available without even a phone call to management.

Your Next Seven has the easiest to use online employee communication tool on the market. As a manager you can reach out to employees individually or as a group to alert them to important information.

Your Next Seven has utilized cloud based technology to create the fastest and most effective online employee scheduling software on the market. Please join us for a 30 day free scheduling trial, you will not be disappointed.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easiest Employee Scheduling On-Boarding Process On The Market

When Your Next Seven was created, we wanted to focus on developing a simple but effective online employee scheduling software that anyone could use. We did a lot of research with potential customers to decide what they wanted and needed from an employee scheduling software.

The majority of potential customers wanted something simple to use so they could schedule faster, they wanted a resource to effectively communicate with employees, and they wanted a tool to track their costs. And that is exactly what we built.

Our mission is to help our customers make the transition from paper schedules to a scheduling software as quick and painless as possible. We have done this. Our on-boarding process for new customers couldn't be easier.

To get started, simply fill out our on-boarding spreadsheet ( and email it to along with your most recent schedule and we'll get your initial account set up for you! That's right, you worry about managing your employees and we'll do the grunt work to get you managing your schedule properly.

If your on-boarding process takes longer than writing down names and possibly e-mail address then you are using the wrong software.

Try our 30 day free scheduling trial...If you want us to add all of your employees, fill out the simple spreadsheet and get started scheduling online today....Simple as 1, 2, 3....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is There Cake In the Break Room? Easy Communication Between Employees

When you know its someone's birthday from work, you always wonder if there is going to be cake in the break room, right?

With Your Next Seven's internal employee communication tool, any manager or boss can let their employees know if there is Cake in the Break room with very little effort.  Employees thrive when they are in the know of what is happening at their place of employment. 

With a few clicks, all of your employees can be informed about what is going on at work.

More than just cake... Imagine you live in the North East and a big snow storm is coming and management has decided to close early for the safety of their employees and customers. With Your Next Seven's internal communication tool, you can communicate these kind of messages to all of your employees within a few minutes. 

You can also select certain employees to reach out to and not have to send an all company wide communication. Maybe you only want to send a message to your "back of house" employees...Your Next Seven makes this possible by selecting those that work in that particular area of the company... and with a push of a button you can send communication out to those employees.

When you try Your Next Seven's online employee scheduling software, you get a whole lot more than an easy to use calendar.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our First Employee Scheduling Webinar

Your Next Seven's first Bi Monthly Webinar when a little like this...

Now that you have seen that awful(ly funny) video, you can only imagine how our first webinar went. Good thing Your Next Seven's online employee scheduling software can speak for itself because sometimes technology doesn't always go the way you planned for it to go.

We have posted other staff scheduling videos to our blog that can walk you through exactly why we are the easiest software on the market when it comes to scheduling online. We like to reach out and connect with customers which is why we like holding online webinars and will continue to do so because it is important for our customers to be able to ask questions directly.

If you want to schedule a direct webinar for just your location or company, we can also make that happen. We want the on boarding process, which includes training, to be super easy because making our product easy to use is our number one goal as a company.

Join Us For Our Listen and Learn Webinar

We hope you can make it to our first "Listen and Learn" webinar on February 26th at 10am Central Time.

What the devil is a "Listen and Learn"?

Its where you listen and learn how to use Your Next Seven's employee scheduling software in 10 minutes.

Really 10 minutes?

Our scheduling software is so simple it can be taught in 10 minutes. We will stick around after the 10 minutes to answer questions though, just in case.

Our number one goal is to help you get comfortable with our software. We know this can happen in our 10 minute Listen and Learn webinar.  After the webinar, you will be able to set recurring schedules for all of your employees, learn how employees can switch shifts and manage your employee labor costs.

Please join Your Next Seven on February 26th at 10am Central Time.

Dial In Info: 1-860-970-0010
Access Code: 166-881-632#

We look forward to teaching you how to use our online employee scheduling tool in 10 minutes.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

How To Publish an Employee Schedule in 10 Minutes

From the initial free 30 day trial for employee scheduling to creating a complete schedule, this video covers it all in less than 10 minutes.

(full transcript below)

A lot of times when people are introduced to a new kind of software they are reluctant to change. At Your Next Seven we want the transition to be as smooth as possible. We train people in 15 minutes to get up and running.

As a company our philosophy within online employee scheduling...simple, simple, simple.

Our goals are to help restaurants and retail communicate more effectively, manage labor cost and make it so simple that everyone feels comfortable using the system.

We have a streamlined process to get you set up. Our employee scheduling software is not intimidating because if it were we wouldn't be getting more and more people raving about how easy it is to use.

10 Minutes or less and you can be scheduling away.....

Ready to find out more? Email today to join our free webinar this Wendesday, February 19, 2014 at 10am CST.

How to Publish an Employee Schedule in 10 Minutes (transcript)

Hi this is John with Your Next Seven. I'm bringing you a unique video today that shows you the full process of getting set up and how quickly that process takes to start building your first employee schedule. Now I'm here on the home page at and I'm going to type in my name here... and an email address... and click start the 30 day trial. This is going to bring me to my welcome page. At the welcome page I can put in my company name. A phone number. And this is going to prompt me to set my account password as well. If you would like to designate a specific url for this company you can do that in here. I'll just set a Your Next Seven test and check that availability. And it's available! After this I'll pick my start date. I'm going to start my week on Monday. And you have this option to go through and import your employees using an Excel spreadsheet, we have a sample Excel spreadsheet you can download. Now I'm going to go and start building my first schedule and do that.

So, I already have my sample Excel spreadsheet set up and ready to go. This is what it looks like. I'm going to come here and import employees. Choose that file where I saved it, and you'll see all of your employees will go ahead and import. Now if you've used our sample, these fields are going to match up with the names and emails that  you need it to match up to. If you had your own form already you can use this dropdown to select what category you want these to fall under. So everything is set up correctly here. If I want to exclude an employee I can do that by clicking the "x". Simply click it again to add them back in. And then we'll click "Import Employee List".

Now what this is going to do is send out an email to all of our employees letting them know, "Hey guys, we're using this new awesome software!" you can now log in and set your password, put in your phone number and all of that information so they can receive alerts on their end. Our employees are now imported, so we can go over to our schedule and start building out our schedule.

I'm going to click on schedule here, and this will pull us over to our current week. You have different options as to how you can schedule your employees. My favorite is the Pro-Layout. I'm going to switch over to this real quick. This is really the quickest way to go through and add in shifts for your employees. I can come through here, and, John McMullen, that's myself, I'm the manager of this company and I work every day from 8a-4. I can just click that and copy and paste over here (to each cell.) We'll leave Saturday and Sunday off there.

Let's move Jack Bauer up because he's the other manager in the company and say he works the night shift for us. So you can have those hours set up, you'll notice all of my hours are automatically calculating here at the bottom. If you would like reporting as well as the weekly hours you can turn on reporting at the bottom here. Say I don't want to see everything I just want to view my scheduled labor and scheduled hours I can turn off and on exactly what I need. Just close those settings.

Then what I can do is come through here and start inputting my employee's schedules. A lot of times you have the schedule set up in Excel already. You can go through and either copy and paste those hours over or you can just look at that schedule and input them, but basically you can come in here and just start typing in what you need. So if you have Tony Almeda comes in at 10am every morning and he stays until 6pm I can come through and copy that over to the days I need him working. And op, look, I have overtime. It shows up as a red background here so I can come through and look at a normal schedule and see how I might want to change that a little bit so that he does not have overtime. I'm going to remove him on Friday since I already have 2 managers working and that takes care of my overtime problem.

So you can go through and build this out. I'm going to go ahead and pause for just a second here so you don't have to see all of this. It will just take another minute or two.

Alright I'm back, it's only been about a minute since I've last left off, so add a minute to this video as far as how long this takes to get set up. I've got my initial schedule set up. I've got my employee's hours in here, I can see on the sidebar here how many hours each employee has. If I wanted to look at different layouts to get more information, say I wanted to look at what my overlap looked like on certain days, I can come over to my bar graph layout and view the overlap that's happening on all of those. Even though I input it just as text on the other one it pulls all of that over into tangible information it can make bar graphs out of. You can come through here and look at the employee layout. This is more of the Excel look as well. The employee layout is very helpful if you're on something like an iPad to where you can actually just come through here and click to edit shifts or add shifts. And it's just a very point and click focused type layout. So it works very well on iPads.

Once you're done with everything, once you have the schedule set in stone and how you would like it... simply click "Publish Schedule", confirm that you would like to publish that... and what that's going to do is send out a request. Send out the text messages and the email to all of your employees letting them know what hours they work for the week.

So that's it, so you're done building your schedule for the week. Now being that this is my first schedule that I've ever input, I'm going to set this as my default schedule to make future weeks a lot easier. If I go up to copy week and set it as my default schedule. It'll let me know it's going to erase my typical default schedule which I don't have one so it's OK. And it is now set. If I go to the next week I now have a couple of different options so I can copy over from my default schedule or if my default schedule is made a few months back and last week's schedule is more like what this weeks is going to be I can come up to copy week. And copy over from my previous week as well.

So you can copy from your previous week or you can copy from your default schedule. Either way it builds out your initial schedule and you can come through here and start making changes immediately. Now if I would like to add a task to any of my employees letting them know what station they're going to be at or what department, anything like that. I can come up here to my settings icon and click "Edit Tasks"... and this will bring me over to my task editor.

I can enter in a task name like "Waitstaff", you can set a specific color for these guys, and you can enter a description as well. I'm going to click "Add Task" and what that will do is that will add that task of "Wait". I can add in my bussers and set the color for these guys as well. And you can add bussers, now dragging and dropping any of these will effect how it appears in your dropdown menu when you're allowed to select it. So you can go through and you can continue to add as many as you would like or need and set the colors for those. That way when I'm going through and I'm actually creating my schedule I can come in here and edit that shift, I can select a task and pick what that task is going to be for that employee.

So, I'm going to be a manager for that day. Update that, and you'll see that it actually updates the task and shows what that employee will be working for the day.

So, here I am I got everything set up. Now that my schedule has gone out to all the employees, they're allowed to trade shifts with manager's approval and this is all within, let's see, I'm at eight minutes and thirty seconds right now including signing up. Add a minute or two to that for actually filling in the rest of the schedule.

So about 10 minutes and I'm done building my first schedule here. So, if you like what you see and you're ready to get started with your trial go to and go ahead and sign up for your free 30 day trial. If you would like more information on it feel free to email me personally at or give me a call or shoot me a text at 281.401.9321.

Thanks a lot!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Learn How To Use Our Employee Scheduling Software

We invite you to our first "Listen and Learn" webinar on February 26th at 10am Central Time. We keep getting asked the question, "Why is Your Next Seven's employee scheduling software the easiest to use?" We're here to answer that question in a casual environment from wherever you're located. Every employee scheduling software touts about their product... we don't need to "sell" you on us, after one of our Listen and Learn's the product will sell itself.

What will you gain from our Listen and Learn webinar? Our only goal for the 15 minute Listen and Learn is for you to get comfortable with the feature we include on our site. After the webinar, you will be able to set recurring schedules for all of your employees, learn how employees can switch shifts and manage your employee labor costs.

We invite you to our very first Listen and Learn webinar next Wednesday. If you are interested please e-mail for details. Catch you next week!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Track Costs For Your Restaurant

When you operate multiple restaurants, you want to know which is doing the best in terms of profit and loss. Why is this one doing better than the other? This is the question that keeps owners and managers up at night. The second question would be how can I get the lower profiting locations to perform like my most profitable one?

Let's answer this question for you. Use the online profits and losses tool that is built in to Your Next Seven. You can make your P&L as broad or detailed as you want it and all of the information flows into a centralized report that is fully customized to your liking. Only want data from restaurants 1, 4 and 5? Only select those. Want to grab all of your data, simply click a button and you are looking at charts for all of your restaurants either compared to each other or merged into one graph.

Not only will you have the option to line item every P&L, our employee scheduling software will automatically track scheduled labor costs and percentages as you build the schedule. Simply add your shifts from one of our many scheduling layouts and all of your employee's hours are added to the reports.

Employee Scheduling Labor Costs

Before we can make any changes, we need to dig down to the root of of the question. How do I know which restaurant is my super star? As a manger, I need to know my biggest expense costs which is most likely your labor costs.

How do you currently manage your labor costs? Please don't say you are using an excel spreadsheet because if you are...go directly to  and start a free trial. Its free and after 30 days if it doesn't change your life, let us know.  With the online employee scheduling tool, you will have the opportunity to track your labor cost more effectively and efficiently.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Employee Scheduling Software Redesign

Check out our new redesigned site! While we've always had a focus on creating the most intuitive scheduling software on the market with a focus on minimal, clean design. Although we have achieved that with the actual scheduling process, the bold colors and large page header were taking up too much real-estate and we love improving.

With the redesign we're able to give manager's more room to view what they need to view, the schedule. Here's an example before/after of our home page:

employee scheduling software redesign

We are sad to say "good bye" to our Supermanager, but hello beautiful, sleek design. Our registration process is even more streamlined as well only requiring an email address and name to get going with our 30-day free employee scheduling trial. When you're logged in to Your Next Seven you will now be able to see more of your schedule as well thanks to this new layout.

Along with the new design came new pricing options. We realized our customers were so diverse that we had to offer different pricing options. We also give a huge discount for annual pay. Sign up for the free trial, stick around for the yearly discounted rate and streamlined employee scheduling experience.

We plan to keep modifying and updating our website to make it the best on the market. Did you see our free employee scheduling tool? Yeah, we decided the best way to show our customers how awesome we were is to let them experience it first hand without even registering.

Enjoy the website redesign and look forward to new and improved features coming over the next few months!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Free Employee Scheduling From Your Next Seven's Home Page

FREE scheduling just got a lot more FREE. As a Founder of Your Next Seven, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try out online scheduling. Schedule up to 5 employees right from our home page. No sign up is needed. Where else can you try an employee scheduling software right from a website's home page without signing up for a free trial?

This is our gift to you, Home Page Scheduling, we just want to help you get comfortable working with our system and realize how easy it is to use. Not everything online has to be some bloated scary software. We’re here to prove that you don’t have to be Bill Gates to schedule your staff online.

Try out our system and we guarantee you will think it is the easiest online scheduling software on the market.  Our goal is to make using our system easy, fast and reliable...Plus, for those not as comfortable with technology that is okay...we created our Pro Lay Out just for you - "Excel style with plain text".
Plug in "9a-5" or "8a-4"  ------- cut and paste throughout the week....5 minute scheduling.

Easy, Easy, Easy

Your Next Seven, Inc. - employee scheduling software
Founder / Lead Developer

Friday, January 3, 2014

Socialize More in 2014 with Employee Scheduling Software

Here I am with the first post of the new year and I want to talk a bit about socializing. One of the great things about our scheduling software and a recurring praise we hear from our clients is the communication aspect with the employees. Sure, there's tools to help with managing labor costs and multiple ways to build a staff schedule quickly, but without pushing that information to your employees, what does it matter?

As a company, we are pushing social media this year. A lot. I understand that people love to communicate and Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube are ways they do that so we're right there too. You won't only see offers and updates about Your Next Seven though. I manage our accounts personally and make sure they're articles, images and videos I could stand to sit through. Be prepared to laugh, to cry, to... I'm not continuing this sentence.

Getting Social with your Schedule

As an employee, you may like to see your friends up at work. I know back in my restaurant days I used to love visitors! Now when you log in to check your work schedule you can click a button and post it directly to Facebook (see below.)

One of the great things about doing this is it promotes your business as well. Have your employees send out their schedule and it reminds all of their network that their friend works somewhere awesome and they should go check it out. Social media at it's finest :)

This is just the start of a beautiful year. I'll see you around the social-sphere. Catch me here:

Your Next Seven, Inc. - online employee scheduling
Founder / Lead Developer