Friday, January 3, 2014

Socialize More in 2014 with Employee Scheduling Software

Here I am with the first post of the new year and I want to talk a bit about socializing. One of the great things about our scheduling software and a recurring praise we hear from our clients is the communication aspect with the employees. Sure, there's tools to help with managing labor costs and multiple ways to build a staff schedule quickly, but without pushing that information to your employees, what does it matter?

As a company, we are pushing social media this year. A lot. I understand that people love to communicate and Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube are ways they do that so we're right there too. You won't only see offers and updates about Your Next Seven though. I manage our accounts personally and make sure they're articles, images and videos I could stand to sit through. Be prepared to laugh, to cry, to... I'm not continuing this sentence.

Getting Social with your Schedule

As an employee, you may like to see your friends up at work. I know back in my restaurant days I used to love visitors! Now when you log in to check your work schedule you can click a button and post it directly to Facebook (see below.)

One of the great things about doing this is it promotes your business as well. Have your employees send out their schedule and it reminds all of their network that their friend works somewhere awesome and they should go check it out. Social media at it's finest :)

This is just the start of a beautiful year. I'll see you around the social-sphere. Catch me here:

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