Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is There Cake In the Break Room? Easy Communication Between Employees

When you know its someone's birthday from work, you always wonder if there is going to be cake in the break room, right?

With Your Next Seven's internal employee communication tool, any manager or boss can let their employees know if there is Cake in the Break room with very little effort.  Employees thrive when they are in the know of what is happening at their place of employment. 

With a few clicks, all of your employees can be informed about what is going on at work.

More than just cake... Imagine you live in the North East and a big snow storm is coming and management has decided to close early for the safety of their employees and customers. With Your Next Seven's internal communication tool, you can communicate these kind of messages to all of your employees within a few minutes. 

You can also select certain employees to reach out to and not have to send an all company wide communication. Maybe you only want to send a message to your "back of house" employees...Your Next Seven makes this possible by selecting those that work in that particular area of the company... and with a push of a button you can send communication out to those employees.

When you try Your Next Seven's online employee scheduling software, you get a whole lot more than an easy to use calendar.

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