Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Employee Scheduling Software Redesign

Check out our new redesigned site! While we've always had a focus on creating the most intuitive scheduling software on the market with a focus on minimal, clean design. Although we have achieved that with the actual scheduling process, the bold colors and large page header were taking up too much real-estate and we love improving.

With the redesign we're able to give manager's more room to view what they need to view, the schedule. Here's an example before/after of our home page:

employee scheduling software redesign

We are sad to say "good bye" to our Supermanager, but hello beautiful, sleek design. Our registration process is even more streamlined as well only requiring an email address and name to get going with our 30-day free employee scheduling trial. When you're logged in to Your Next Seven you will now be able to see more of your schedule as well thanks to this new layout.

Along with the new design came new pricing options. We realized our customers were so diverse that we had to offer different pricing options. We also give a huge discount for annual pay. Sign up for the free trial, stick around for the yearly discounted rate and streamlined employee scheduling experience.

We plan to keep modifying and updating our website to make it the best on the market. Did you see our free employee scheduling tool? Yeah, we decided the best way to show our customers how awesome we were is to let them experience it first hand without even registering.

Enjoy the website redesign and look forward to new and improved features coming over the next few months!

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