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How To Publish an Employee Schedule in 10 Minutes

From the initial free 30 day trial for employee scheduling to creating a complete schedule, this video covers it all in less than 10 minutes.

(full transcript below)

A lot of times when people are introduced to a new kind of software they are reluctant to change. At Your Next Seven we want the transition to be as smooth as possible. We train people in 15 minutes to get up and running.

As a company our philosophy within online employee scheduling...simple, simple, simple.

Our goals are to help restaurants and retail communicate more effectively, manage labor cost and make it so simple that everyone feels comfortable using the system.

We have a streamlined process to get you set up. Our employee scheduling software is not intimidating because if it were we wouldn't be getting more and more people raving about how easy it is to use.

10 Minutes or less and you can be scheduling away.....

Ready to find out more? Email today to join our free webinar this Wendesday, February 19, 2014 at 10am CST.

How to Publish an Employee Schedule in 10 Minutes (transcript)

Hi this is John with Your Next Seven. I'm bringing you a unique video today that shows you the full process of getting set up and how quickly that process takes to start building your first employee schedule. Now I'm here on the home page at and I'm going to type in my name here... and an email address... and click start the 30 day trial. This is going to bring me to my welcome page. At the welcome page I can put in my company name. A phone number. And this is going to prompt me to set my account password as well. If you would like to designate a specific url for this company you can do that in here. I'll just set a Your Next Seven test and check that availability. And it's available! After this I'll pick my start date. I'm going to start my week on Monday. And you have this option to go through and import your employees using an Excel spreadsheet, we have a sample Excel spreadsheet you can download. Now I'm going to go and start building my first schedule and do that.

So, I already have my sample Excel spreadsheet set up and ready to go. This is what it looks like. I'm going to come here and import employees. Choose that file where I saved it, and you'll see all of your employees will go ahead and import. Now if you've used our sample, these fields are going to match up with the names and emails that  you need it to match up to. If you had your own form already you can use this dropdown to select what category you want these to fall under. So everything is set up correctly here. If I want to exclude an employee I can do that by clicking the "x". Simply click it again to add them back in. And then we'll click "Import Employee List".

Now what this is going to do is send out an email to all of our employees letting them know, "Hey guys, we're using this new awesome software!" you can now log in and set your password, put in your phone number and all of that information so they can receive alerts on their end. Our employees are now imported, so we can go over to our schedule and start building out our schedule.

I'm going to click on schedule here, and this will pull us over to our current week. You have different options as to how you can schedule your employees. My favorite is the Pro-Layout. I'm going to switch over to this real quick. This is really the quickest way to go through and add in shifts for your employees. I can come through here, and, John McMullen, that's myself, I'm the manager of this company and I work every day from 8a-4. I can just click that and copy and paste over here (to each cell.) We'll leave Saturday and Sunday off there.

Let's move Jack Bauer up because he's the other manager in the company and say he works the night shift for us. So you can have those hours set up, you'll notice all of my hours are automatically calculating here at the bottom. If you would like reporting as well as the weekly hours you can turn on reporting at the bottom here. Say I don't want to see everything I just want to view my scheduled labor and scheduled hours I can turn off and on exactly what I need. Just close those settings.

Then what I can do is come through here and start inputting my employee's schedules. A lot of times you have the schedule set up in Excel already. You can go through and either copy and paste those hours over or you can just look at that schedule and input them, but basically you can come in here and just start typing in what you need. So if you have Tony Almeda comes in at 10am every morning and he stays until 6pm I can come through and copy that over to the days I need him working. And op, look, I have overtime. It shows up as a red background here so I can come through and look at a normal schedule and see how I might want to change that a little bit so that he does not have overtime. I'm going to remove him on Friday since I already have 2 managers working and that takes care of my overtime problem.

So you can go through and build this out. I'm going to go ahead and pause for just a second here so you don't have to see all of this. It will just take another minute or two.

Alright I'm back, it's only been about a minute since I've last left off, so add a minute to this video as far as how long this takes to get set up. I've got my initial schedule set up. I've got my employee's hours in here, I can see on the sidebar here how many hours each employee has. If I wanted to look at different layouts to get more information, say I wanted to look at what my overlap looked like on certain days, I can come over to my bar graph layout and view the overlap that's happening on all of those. Even though I input it just as text on the other one it pulls all of that over into tangible information it can make bar graphs out of. You can come through here and look at the employee layout. This is more of the Excel look as well. The employee layout is very helpful if you're on something like an iPad to where you can actually just come through here and click to edit shifts or add shifts. And it's just a very point and click focused type layout. So it works very well on iPads.

Once you're done with everything, once you have the schedule set in stone and how you would like it... simply click "Publish Schedule", confirm that you would like to publish that... and what that's going to do is send out a request. Send out the text messages and the email to all of your employees letting them know what hours they work for the week.

So that's it, so you're done building your schedule for the week. Now being that this is my first schedule that I've ever input, I'm going to set this as my default schedule to make future weeks a lot easier. If I go up to copy week and set it as my default schedule. It'll let me know it's going to erase my typical default schedule which I don't have one so it's OK. And it is now set. If I go to the next week I now have a couple of different options so I can copy over from my default schedule or if my default schedule is made a few months back and last week's schedule is more like what this weeks is going to be I can come up to copy week. And copy over from my previous week as well.

So you can copy from your previous week or you can copy from your default schedule. Either way it builds out your initial schedule and you can come through here and start making changes immediately. Now if I would like to add a task to any of my employees letting them know what station they're going to be at or what department, anything like that. I can come up here to my settings icon and click "Edit Tasks"... and this will bring me over to my task editor.

I can enter in a task name like "Waitstaff", you can set a specific color for these guys, and you can enter a description as well. I'm going to click "Add Task" and what that will do is that will add that task of "Wait". I can add in my bussers and set the color for these guys as well. And you can add bussers, now dragging and dropping any of these will effect how it appears in your dropdown menu when you're allowed to select it. So you can go through and you can continue to add as many as you would like or need and set the colors for those. That way when I'm going through and I'm actually creating my schedule I can come in here and edit that shift, I can select a task and pick what that task is going to be for that employee.

So, I'm going to be a manager for that day. Update that, and you'll see that it actually updates the task and shows what that employee will be working for the day.

So, here I am I got everything set up. Now that my schedule has gone out to all the employees, they're allowed to trade shifts with manager's approval and this is all within, let's see, I'm at eight minutes and thirty seconds right now including signing up. Add a minute or two to that for actually filling in the rest of the schedule.

So about 10 minutes and I'm done building my first schedule here. So, if you like what you see and you're ready to get started with your trial go to and go ahead and sign up for your free 30 day trial. If you would like more information on it feel free to email me personally at or give me a call or shoot me a text at 281.401.9321.

Thanks a lot!

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