Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Track Costs For Your Restaurant

When you operate multiple restaurants, you want to know which is doing the best in terms of profit and loss. Why is this one doing better than the other? This is the question that keeps owners and managers up at night. The second question would be how can I get the lower profiting locations to perform like my most profitable one?

Let's answer this question for you. Use the online profits and losses tool that is built in to Your Next Seven. You can make your P&L as broad or detailed as you want it and all of the information flows into a centralized report that is fully customized to your liking. Only want data from restaurants 1, 4 and 5? Only select those. Want to grab all of your data, simply click a button and you are looking at charts for all of your restaurants either compared to each other or merged into one graph.

Not only will you have the option to line item every P&L, our employee scheduling software will automatically track scheduled labor costs and percentages as you build the schedule. Simply add your shifts from one of our many scheduling layouts and all of your employee's hours are added to the reports.

Employee Scheduling Labor Costs

Before we can make any changes, we need to dig down to the root of of the question. How do I know which restaurant is my super star? As a manger, I need to know my biggest expense costs which is most likely your labor costs.

How do you currently manage your labor costs? Please don't say you are using an excel spreadsheet because if you are...go directly to  and start a free trial. Its free and after 30 days if it doesn't change your life, let us know.  With the online employee scheduling tool, you will have the opportunity to track your labor cost more effectively and efficiently.

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    I find it a great solution for business as well as data room services to make all that data securely shared with partners.