Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Started with Employee Scheduling Software

With dozens of employee scheduling software available across the web, you might be asking yourself, "How do I get started with online scheduling?". There are a lot of factors that you want may be looking at, but when it comes down to it, you want fast setup, easy learning curves and great service.

With Your Next Seven we aim to deliver all three and more. Here's how we get you started scheduling your staff:

Quick Employee Scheduling Setup

Whether you're a restaurant owner, retail manager or scheduling manager for a hospital solution, we know you're busy. Getting started with a new scheduling software shouldn't take hours out of your schedule. That's why with our on-boarding process, we take care of the setup for you. Simply email your latest schedule and staff sheet to john@yournextseven.com and we'll get your first schedule input into our scheduling solution employee section.

Easy to Use Scheduling Software

So, we've input your schedule for you. Our next focus is 100% easy learning. Ever aspect of our software is designed with inactivity in mind. To add a shift, simply click and empty cell. Used to Excel spreadsheets? Fill in a complete schedule using nothing but text! Every schedule view duplicates hours input to the other schedules for a seamless flow in the scheduling process.

Amazing Customer Service

Hi. I'm John, Founder and Lead Developer of Your Next Seven and this is my baby. Even though we live in an age of digital help tickets and huge startup software with an enormous staff, we know none of that is necessary. If you need help you can email direct to the source at john@yournextseven.com or even shoot me a text or call at 281.401.9321.

Just because technology is growing fast and everything is automated and online, that doesn't mean customer service has to as well. We like talking to our customers and love (yes, love) helping in every way we can.

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