Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Staff "Time-Off" Requests with Finals Around the Corner

Finals are around the corner, which means a big chunk of your high-school and college-aged employees will soon be requesting time off. Around this time each year, many managers get annoyed, frustrated, and stressed by the constant need to revise the employees' schedules. Managers that use Your Next Seven, on the other hand, don't break a sweat.


Keep Calm and Schedule On
Keep Calm and Schedule On

Because it's what we do. Restaurant Managers and Retail Store Managers have a lot more important things to worry about than making sure the right number of employees are present every day. That's where we come in. Your Next Seven's employee scheduling software takes all the stress out of scheduling, so managers can work on the more important aspects of their jobs. So how can Your Next Seven help your company the next time a bunch of employees ask for time-off during finals week? Short-story: in a bunch of ways...but here are our two favorites.

Employee Scheduling During Finals -- AKA: "Don't Schedule Me, Bro"
Employees can easily modify their schedules online so that a manager can see which days each employee needs off for finals. This eliminates one of the most stressful aspects of this scenario: Managers accidentally scheduling an employee for a day or time that they are unavailable. This common problem causes many issues and takes a lot of time to fix. With Your Next Seven, a manager would not be able to schedule an employee for a day or time in which they've marked themselves as unavailable. 

Swapping Shifts During Finals
Some students choose to procrastinate their school work until the end of the semester, thus requiring them to do a LOT of studying in a short amount of time in an effort to salvage what they can of their grade. These are probably the same students that forget to tell their manager that they need a day off until the day before they are scheduled to work. So what does a manager do in this situation? Historically, the process goes something like this:

  1. Procrastinator tells manager he can't come in to work tomorrow
  2. Manager checks current schedule (or calls and asks someone to read it to her if she isn't at work)
  3. Manager calls other employees to see who can fill in for Procrastinator
  4. Manager finally finds someone to fill in for Procrastinator
  5. Manager realizes the Replacement Employee will exceed 40 hours, if given this shift
  6. Manager decides to cancel with Replacement Employee and find new employee to fill-in for Procrastinator
  7. Repeat steps 4-5 until Manager finds someone who won't go into "overtime"
  8. Manager gets on the computer to edit the schedule
  9. Manager prints out the schedule and tapes it somewhere everyone should see it

With Your Next Seven, this process is dramatically simplified and becomes infinitely less stressful.

  1. Procrastinator "releases shift" on his smart phone
  2. Eligible employees receive notification that Procrastinator's shift is available
  3. Replacement employee presses one button on smartphone to accept shift
  4. Manager receives notification and sees Replacement employee won't fall into Overtime
  5. Manager presses one button to "approve" the change
  6. Employees automatically receive text messages and emails with the new schedule

Although numerically it appears both processes have a similar number of steps, if you read through them you can easily identify which process takes less time and is less stressful. The first process could take hours, whereas the second process, (using Your Next Seven employee scheduling software,) can take as little as a few minutes. Using Your Next Seven there is a greater probability that the schedule is done right, the employees are aware of the changes to the schedule, and the manager doesn't waste time tracking down employees.

Especially during finals season, it's important retail and restaurant managers have a handle on their employee scheduling. Try out our free 30-Day Trial, (which doesn't even require a credit card) and we are positive you're going to love what you see...and you'll never be stressed about scheduling your employees during finals season again!

Have a question? Our amazing customer-support team is ready to help you out in every way possible, even during your trial period.

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