Monday, April 7, 2014

Updating Schedules and Swapping Shifts from Your Underwear

Sure, the image above is intended to be funny; but the fact is, being able to swap-shifts and update your employee schedule from anywhere is an extremely important feature. The idea of making these changes from a restroom actually came from one of our clients (who shall obviously remain nameless.)

Two employees had called in sick for the next day and she (the newly-hired manager,) had forgotten to find two replacements. She had already driven home and kicked off her shoes after a loong day of work before she even realized her mistake. While she was, uh...well, using the restroom, she decided to check her phone to see if she could call any employees to see who could cover the next day's shifts.

But she didn't have any of the employees' phone numbers in her phone--heck, she couldn't remember any of the employees' names! A room for "resting" was suddenly a room filled with stress and anxiety.

She was getting frantic...when suddenly she remembered a website the hiring manager had showed her during her first day with the company, just two days earlier: Your Next Seven. It was a long shot, but maybe she could find the employee phone numbers on the website.

While she was still sitting on the pot, she logged into YourNextSeven and was immediately blown away. She found all the contact information she wanted...but she no longer needed it. Within 30 seconds she was able to remove the shifts from the two "sick" employees and add them for two employees who actually needed the hours. Not only that, but she was able to see which employees would exceed 40 hours by taking the shifts! And she did it the employee scheduling updates from her phone.

She washed up and walked out, the anxiety leaving her almost as quickly as it had come. But she still felt uneasy..."I should still call those two employees to make sure they know I gave them each a shift tomorrow," she thought to herself.

But before she could open up her mobile browser (to find the numbers,) two alerts popped-up on her phone.

Both employees had already acknowledged their new shifts for the next day, thus eliminating the need for her to call.

A process that took her a few minutes--in total--from her mobile phone would have taken her a lot longer (and caused her a lot more stress) if she had to update the employee schedule the traditional way.  She had never used Your Next Seven for employee scheduling before, but she didn't waste any time e-mailing us to let us know how much she loved the software.

These are the kinds of stories that make our day and keep us motivated to provide our clients with the greatest software out there. Software that can truly alleviate the burden of employee scheduling. Because after all...our clients have more important things to worry about.

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