Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Employee Scheduling 30-Day Trial

In 30 days you could be managing a totally more efficient business.

  • If you are using spreadsheets to do your scheduling: you are wasting way more time and money than you know. We can fix that.
  • If you are using a different employee scheduling program: you’re spending too much money on software that isn’t as easy to use (or as feature-rich) as Your Next Seven. We can fix that.
  • If you are getting season tickets from the sales rep of a competitive employee-scheduling-software company, well...depending on how good the seats are, you may want to stay with them.

Aside from that third scenario, there really aren’t many reasons to not use Your Next Seven for your employee scheduling. The only thing we have working against us is our humble Google ranking, but we’ll take the Pepsi Challenge against anyone you’ll find on page 1 of your search results any day of the week...and we’re confident we’ll win. We do it every day. And that’s what you’ll discover during your free 30-day’ll see exactly why more and more restaurants and retail business are choosing Your Next Seven for their employee-scheduling needs. Here are a few juicy reasons why our clients love us:

User-Friendly Employee Scheduling Interface
User-Friendly Employee Scheduling Interface

  • Extremely user-friendly interface: Easier to learn & use than anything on the market
  • Awesome mobile website: Accessible on any smart phone
  • Outstanding customer service: Talk to an actual, happy, human!
  • Client-requested features: Have a great idea for a new feature? Tell us!
  • No credit card required for trial: Why should anyone need your credit card number for a trial? We aren't shady like that.
  • Cost-Savings: We are less expensive (with more features) than most other software
  • Smooth Implementation: We train you & your staff to get everyone onboard fast!
  • We transfer your info for you: Have a default schedule? Don’t feel like adding all your employees’ names & emails into a new software? Don’t worry...we’ll do all that for you. At no charge.
  • No Contracts: We hate contracts. Our clients stay with us because they love us, not because they’re contractually obligated

Register for our 30-Day Trial and you’ll be scheduling in minutes. You can even provide us with a hand-drawn copy of your current schedule and we’ll add it to Your Next Seven for you. By using Your Next Seven for your restaurant or retail employee scheduling software, you are ensuring that the scheduling-side of your business will run smoothly so you can focus on more important things, like taking care of customers and growing sales.

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