Monday, January 11, 2016

How an Online Shift Calendar Puts $82,352 in Your Pocket

How an Online Shift Calendar Saves You Money

As software and technology advance, developers are constantly finding new ways to make our lives easier.

Thankfully these advances do not affect only our personal lives - there are myriads of online tools, apps and software that can make our professional lives easier too. This can include invoicing and budgeting tools, cloud storage and as we will be discussing today, online shift calendars.

What makes online shift calendars superior to spreadsheets or printed calendars?

Most modern business owners are aware of the rising popularity of online shift calendars like Your Next Seven.

Shift calendars like Your Next Seven make it easier to create and manage schedules, notify employees of their upcoming shift times on the calendar, and even lets employees drop and pick up shifts on the fly. This results in hundreds of hours of saved time for your managers, and by extension massive savings for your business.

How much money can an online shift calendar save you, though?


These are the, real-time statistics of the amount of time business owners have saved by using our online shift calendar as of January 8th, 2016.

If you pay your managers $12 per hour, that means that business owners have saved $82,352 by using Your Next Seven.

What could your business do with an extra $82,000 in the bank?

Let’s take it a step further though. Let’s take an in-depth look at all of the ways the Your Next Seven online shift calendar can save your business massive amounts of money this year.

1: Shift calendar software gives employees easier access to their schedules

Most shift calendar software allows employees to access their shift schedule via email, computer or mobile phone. This makes it much easier for them to check and verify their schedule without taking up your manager’s time with extra phone calls.

2: By removing confusion from your shift schedule, your manager handles fewer calls about shift times

Another benefit of an online shift calendar is that when employees are unsure about their schedule, they don’t have to call your manager or you to check what times they are scheduled for. Again this leads to less of your manager’s time being wasted playing phone tag with other employees.

3: Online shift calendars notify employees of their schedules for you

Another benefit of an online shift calendar is that when you create the schedule for the week or month, you can have the software automatically notify your employees either by email or text or both. This can save a lot of time in contacting employees and ensuring that they all have their schedule for the upcoming period.

4: A user friendly interface speeds up the process of scheduling shifts for your calendar

Scheduling shifts in Excel can work, but it’s typically very time consuming to use tools like Excel to schedule your employee’s shifts because these tools simply aren’t designed to be used as shift scheduling software. Using tools that are designed for the task that have a user-friendly interface makes the entire process of scheduling shifts much less frustrating and less time consuming.

5: Shift calendar services can handle time off requests and allow employees to pick up released shifts

Handling time off requests and dropped shifts (especially around spring break) can be a real problem for managers. Re-organizing and scheduling dropped shifts can take up a massive amount of time.

Using an online shift calendar, you can manage time off requests more easily and allow other employees to pick up dropped shifts whenever they want.

6: An online shift calendar contributes to smoother operations for your business

One of the biggest benefits of using an online shift calendar is simply that it reduces the amount of work that you and your managers have to take care of. All of the above benefits contribute to an overall smoother management process that requires less time and effort from you and your managers.

Using online shift calendars allows you to focus less on the minutiae of managing employees and focus more on what you love - running your business.

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