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Top 7 Must-Have Restaurant WebApps for 2016

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Every year a slew of new web applications are released to help business owners and employees alike to become more productive. Thanks to these advances we now have a wide array of tools that help us to work better, work faster, or just work less.

Which ones do you actually need though?

In this article we will be covering the top 15 must-have web apps for your restaurant in 2016. Some of these services are brand new, others have been around for years. Regardless of their age though, they are guaranteed to improve your workflow and save you and your restaurant money.

1: Locu

Locu is an all-in-one solution for getting your restaurant listed in local business directories, review sites, local Facebook groups and more. For a low monthly fee this GoDaddy-owned service will keep your restaurant information, address, menu and more updated across all major directories, groups and review sites.

2: Buffer or Hootsuite

By now everyone knows that pictures of food are pretty popular on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Why not take advantage of that and have photos of your restaurant’s best dishes posted to your social media accounts?

Buffer and Hootsuite both provide easy management of multiple social media accounts. Post across several accounts simultaneously, schedule posts and manage mentions and more. These webapps help you increase local awareness for your restaurant and get more customers in the door.

3: An online shift calendar like Your Next Seven

One of the top management time wasters for restaurants and other establishments is having to manually schedule employee shifts either on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet.

An online shift calendar like Your Next Seven helps you recover all of that lost time. Online shift calendar apps like Your Next Seven allow you to create, manage and edit employee shift schedules. Online shift calendars also allow your employees to check their schedules from their phone, request time off, and pick up extra shifts that have been dropped.

All of this adds up to a massive amount of time saved for your managers, and a massive amount of money saved for you. Online shift calendars reduce the amount of time your managers spend on scheduling shifts, contacting employees, answering questions about shift schedules and rearranging shift schedules for time off requests.

4: OpenTable

OpenTable allows it’s users to make reservations with local restaurants online. Getting your restaurant listed on OpenTable helps you to fill all of your tables more consistently and keep customers coming in the door even on slow nights.

5: FoodSpotting

FoodSpotting gives users pictures of each dish on your menu and shows potential diners where to find your restaurant. This gives people in your local area a clear idea of the kind of food you serve and the quality of your restaurant’s food.

By making good use of FoodSpotting you can bring in lots of hungry customers who are excited to try your newest and most renowned foods.

6: AppCoco

Do you wish your restaurant had a mobile app, but don’t have money to pay for one to be developed? AppCoco is the answer to your prayers.

For just $20 per month, AppCoco will allow you to create a fully functional mobile app for your restaurant. The app takes less than an hour to create, is instantly available and gives customers easy access to your menu and online ordering.

7: ChowNow

ChowNow allows you to easily create an online ordering form that you can embed in your existing website, your Facebook page or a mobile app.

ChowNow is a push-button solution to online ordering for your restaurant and handles all payments for you.

If 2016 is your year to grow your local restaurant, you can be sure that using even one of these webapps will catapult your restaurant to success.

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