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Digital Mentors: Top 13 Blogs Every Manager Should Read

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Blogs are an awesome way to sharpen your professional skills -  follow these 13 awesome blogs and you'll improve faster than ever!

Being an effective manager requires constant attention to improving your skills and learning new ways to become more effective and motivate your team to become more effective as well. 

One of the easiest ways to improve your management skills is to follow blogs and other online publications that show the tactics used by management and leadership experts so that you can apply them in your own life.

In this article we will cover the top 13 essential blogs every manager should follow to continue improving their management skills.

1: Seth’s Blog  

Seth Godin is a highly regarded entrepreneur, bestselling author and marketer who shares invaluable management and leadership tips as well as musings on the philosophy of running a business.

2:  Great Leadership 

Great Leadership is a blog run by Dan McCarthy. His blog shares invaluable leadership and management tips from a leadership veteran and highly regarded business consultant.

3: Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog 

Coaching Tip is run by John G. Agno, a longtime leadership coach who helps managers become more aware of their actions and how they can adjust their own behavior to better manage their teams.

4: Lead Change Group 

Lead Change Group provides bite-size chunks of wisdom that are easy to apply in your life. Their topics range from leveraging technology in the workplace to time management and scheduling software, to making the workplace more fun and creating a better culture.

5: John Maxwell on Leadership 

This blog provides leadership advice and strategies from an absolute legend in leadership and management. Definitely worth a look if you are looking for ideas and advice that are super easy to understand and implement, but extremely powerful and effective.

6: Chris Brady’s Leadership Blog 

Bestselling author Chris Brady provides easy to understand, actionable and often times humorous advice on leadership and managing your team better.


Jurgen Appelo is focused on helping creative companies to survive and thrive in the 21st century by using a more relaxed, fun approach to improving your management skills.

8: Terry St. Marie’s Blog 

Terry takes a very human approach to management and focuses heavily on your relationships with your employees, making them want to follow your lead and making it easier for you to manage them by improving yourself first.

9: Ask A Manager 

Ask A Manager takes a unique question and answer approach to management and leadership blogging. The blog takes questions from real world managers in business and writes a post explaining how to solve that specific problem, and why that is the  best action to take.

10: The Chief Happiness Officer 

Chief Happiness Officer offers a positive outlook on how managers can create a happier team environment that is more enjoyable for everyone, including the managers.

11: Sanders Says 

Bestselling author Tim Sanders’ blog is 50% motivational writing, 50% hardcore management and leadership wisdom. When his blog posts aren’t getting you motivated to improve your management, he is providing you with hard facts and statistics that back up his advice on management and leadership.

12: Work Matters 

Bob Sutton’s blog shows you how you can hold your team to a higher standard without becoming and overbearing boss. How you can produce higher quality results while still maintaining a healthy team dynamic.

13: Life Optimizer 

Last but certainly not least, Life Optimizer takes a holistic view of your management practices along with the habits of your everyday life - giving you ways that you can optimize your personal and professional lives at the same time.

Want more ideas on how you can be a better manager, manage your time better and become more effective in your work? We hope you’ll come back here to the Your Next Seven Blog again soon!

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