Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Employees and Managers More Productive

Productive office and employees

If you sometimes feel that your managers and employees are not as productive as they could be, you are not alone.

Many business owners struggle to make the best use of their team - but very few recognize that they can improve their team’s productivity very quickly and easily. In fact, more often than not the business owners themselves are the reason employees are not reaching their full potential!

In this post we will briefly present 5 ways that you can motivate and empower your team to become more productive.

1: Empower employees and managers

Many times business owners accidentally end up micro-managing everyone and requiring that managers and employees alike run every decision by them before taking action.

This creates a severe information and productivity bottleneck where your employees cannot do their jobs effectively because they are not being given one of the most important tools for their job - the ability to take action.

Remove yourself from the work flow as much as possible, and let your team do their job. Some bigger decisions will need to be approved by you, but by removing yourself from the process for minor tasks and decisions your team will be able to act more quickly and effectively in every aspect of their job.

Additionally, this will free up a lot of your own time and remove a great deal of stress from your job.

2: Effectively communicate current priorities

If your team does not clearly understand what your main goals are, they will be unable to effectively prioritize their tasks to contribute to those main goals.

Make sure that you frequently communicate what your goals are in the coming weeks, months or even years and show them how they can contribute to achieving those goals.

3: Respect your employees and managers time

The most obvious way to prevent your employees and managers from doing their jobs effectively is by using their time inefficiently.

Use modern software like Your Next Seven to save your managers time when scheduling employee shifts and notifying employees of their shift schedules. Scheduling software like Your Next Seven also saves your employees time by making it easy for them to get their schedule, request time off or pick up additional shifts.

Using scheduling software also gives you and your managers a better big-picture view of your scheduling and identify ways to improve scheduling and time management across your team as a whole.

4: Reduce the number of team meetings

Although the intent of having a team meeting may be good, more often than not these meetings are totally unproductive.

Instead of having several meetings throughout the week to address many minor issues, schedule one meeting per week at a consistent time and focus on making that meeting really actionable. Focus on the main issues the team is dealing with, and use this time to reiterate current goals.

Reducing the number of pointless meetings held allows employees to use their shift times more efficiently and get more done, and helps employees feel that you are respecting their time. Keeping meetings to a minimum also helps to convey a very clear and concise message of what your current goals are and what action needs to be taken in order to achieve them within a set period of time.

5: Reduce employee stress and anxiety

If your employees and managers are stressed out in the workplace, it won’t matter how well you implement the previous steps. Stress and anxiety are productivity’s worst enemy.

Many things can contribute to stress in the workplace. Things like rampant gossip among employees, loud and obnoxious coworkers, or just lack of information from management can cause employees to feel stressed out and weary at work.

Try to promote a relaxed and friendly, yet professional, culture in your business. Share information with employees and make sure they feel informed about current events and the direction of the company. Take steps to discourage and prevent gossip in the workplace and other harmful habits.

By reducing the stress your employees feel at work, they will enjoy working more and be more motivated to do a good job. Removing workplace stress also allows employees to really focus on their work, rather than on the things that are stressing them out.

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