Tuesday, March 22, 2016

5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees

The most productive workers in today's workplace are the happy ones. Unfortunately for managers though, properly motivating employees to work hard and be more productive can be a difficult task. On the upside, there are several very simple steps that business owners and managers can take to make improve the morale of their team and help to motivate each member of the team to work more effectively.

In this short post, we will cover 5 super simple ways to build better relationships with your employees, manage them better and motivate them more effectively to produce higher quality work.

1: Focus on Communication

Having a more personal relationship with employees can do a lot to motivate them. If you are thought of as little more than a malevolent power hiding behind an office door, your employees will not be terribly motivated to do their jobs well (or do anything for that matter). On the other hand, if you frequently check in with employees and communicate with them effectively they will feel that they are valued and appreciated.

2: Practice What You Preach

The best way to lead a change in your employees' attitude is to make that change yourself. Avoid speaking negatively about your current projects, the company or of others in the office. Instead try to adopt a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Only after you have demonstrated that you are motivated to perform well will they be willing to work harder. As your employees begin to notice your enthusiasm and dedication to your work, they will follow suit.

3: Respect Their Time

Ineffective time management, task assignment and other blunders can cause employees to lose respect for you and your management practices. Use proper time management and project management tools for employee shift scheduling, manage time off requests, and making sure everyone understands their current tasks and shift schedules.

4: Empower Them to Perform Better

There is often a disconnect between how an employee feels a task should be done, and how a manger tells them to do it. You can avoid this situation by giving your employees more say in how their jobs are performed. Ask for their input on how a task might be accomplished more efficiently and what tools could be used that would make the task easier. As your employees notice you empowering them to perform better, they will become better motivated to work harder and become more productive on their own initiative.

5: Consider Using Incentives

Incentives won't solve your motivation problem on it's own, but use of incentives can work extremely well when coupled with some of the ideas mentioned previously.

Incentives do not have to be expensive or fancy, it can be something simple like tickets to a movie, a paid day off or a gift card. The important part is to show your appreciation for an employee's hard work and dedication to their job. Be sure to give them adequate recognition when they reach milestones or play a major role in achieving goals you have set for your team.

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